The Charlesworths



People from Queen's University and Lawrence High in Lawrence, Kansas (who knew me as Sue McDougall) can email me at:

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Old friends from Deep River and Queen's University will find me still enjoying life in Kingston.

You can reach me at Why no hot link?  See below...

In the meantime...

Explore beautiful Kingston
Visit the ex-Deep Riverites page or Pine Point beach
Take a peek at what my brother John is up to
Find out about our company, Additional Software Inc.
Investigate the cool things at Alias/Wavefront
See part of the nearby picturesque Frontenac Park
See part of the nearby picturesque Experimental North Renfrew Times (NRT) RSS feed
Find out about golden-voiced Shirley Eikhard
Try out a panoramic view of the Ottawa River
The books we’re reading and have read, the ones we love and the ones we’d avoid

Morning Canoe

So, keep in touch!

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