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  Current Issue

Thanksgiving hiatus: next issue 04-Dec-06; Submit your holiday 2006 gift ideas; Apple updates firmware for Intel-based Macs; Apple Remote Desktop 3.1 adds lights-out management; PTHPasteboard really returns, adds Pro version; MindManager comes to the Mac; Better, cheaper MacBook Pro; Retrospect vs sparse disk image files; Take Control of Digital TV updated

  Past Issues

MacBook gains Core 2 Duo processor; Yojimbo 1.3 adds tagging; Mark/Space releases The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 3.0; TidBITS week in CARS (Crazy Apple Rumors Site); MacTech creates archive CD; 1Passwd 2.0; DealBITS PDFpen winners; Dates in TidBITS; Of the Zune, DRM, and Universal Music; Take Control author Joe Kissell on TV
SpamSieve 2.5; Take Control's 3rd anniversary (and 50% off sale); Apple updates: DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Express HD, iTunes 7.0.2; Another minor AirPort vulnerability exposed; Windows Secrets mailing list adds Fred Langa; Camels and Horses: alternatives to Photoshop; DealBITS Drawing: PDFpen 3.0; Microsoft Office drawing winners
Apple issues fix for MacBook shutdowns; MacBook Pro gets Core 2 Duo, FireWire 800; Adobe releases Soundbooth Beta; Microsoft sponsoring TidBITS; .Mac webmail gets a makeover; Understanding Mac OS X's login passwords; Unpatched Macs face Bluetooth root exploit; eBook releases: 2nd edition of Take Control of Buying a Mac; 3rd edition of Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera; 1st edition of Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X
Apple posts strong 2006Q4 results; Apple admits some iPods shipped with Windows virus; Skype releases version 2.0 for Mac OS X; TidBITS quoted in New York Times about (RED); Acta reborn as Opal; Parallels ships desktop update; Problems for spam-tracking site SpamHaus; Snippet keeper SlipBox creates clusters of snippets using “scents”; Take Control eBooks series: Real World Mac Maintenance and Backups paperback published; Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X updated & also available as a paperback; Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner available in print-on-demand
New red iPod nano supports AIDS fight; Mathematical art from 3D-XplorMath & Bryce; SATA2 storage, 2x gigabit Ethernet, and docking from new ExpressCards; Google buys YouTube for $1.65 billion; Eudora to be combined with open source Thunderbird; Photomatix: a virtual magic wand for High Dynamic Range photos
Apple reports on options backdating problems; PocketMac for BlackBerry 4 released; Virtual reality or real virtuality?; Sleepless (and latchless) in Seattle; Thinking Rock implements the GTD (Getting Things Done) model; Real World Mac OS X Fonts now available in paperback from Amazon and Amazon Canada
Mac OS X 10.4.8 fixes numerous issues; iTunes 7.0.1, iLife ’06, iWork ’06 updated; Aperture 1.5 faces latest Lightroom beta at Photokina; Apple updates Pro applications, Final Cut Pro, and Logic; StuffIt goes to 11; Microsoft releases Messenger for Mac 6.0; Tracking your friends via iChat; Using MySQL on a Mac; Take Control of Getting Started with Dreamweaver ebook released
iTunes store sells 125,000 Disney movies in first week; AirPort updates stop potential Wi-Fi exploit; Adobe attempts to clarify the future of GoLive; Rogue Amoeba’s Fission manipulates audio tracks of all stripes; Peering into the future of the Infosphere; Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner ebook released
TidBITS for Palm goes zip (as fewer people are familiar with StuffIt Expander, I’m now compressing these files using Apple’s built-in Create Archive function - as always, please let me know if you have problems downloading or decompressing the archives)
Apple updates iPods, introduces full-length movies, & previews iTV (a set-top box to stream video content to your television); HDMI: It’s not your parents’ (or even your) television; Hidden iPhoto import capability; GoLive replaced by DreamWeaver 8 in Adobe Creative Suite, Acrobat 8 Released
OmniWeb 5.5 goes universal, switches to WebKit; Interarchy 8.2 adds Growl support and more; C4 Developer Conference promises a taste of MacHack; Parallels Desktop updated for Mac Pro and Leopard; coconutWiFi reveals nearby networks, status; iMac line adds Core 2 Duo chip, 24-inch model; BBEdit 8.5 adds function via form; Behind the TidBITS curtain: MailBITS gone & other changes
Mac to School 2006: the $2,000 Challenge - hardware & software choices
MailBITS: Google CEO joins Apple board; free chapter of iMovie/iDVD 6 Visual QuickStart Guide; Amazon offers on-demand computing
Geoff Duncan reminisces as he departs from TidBITS; new Take Control ebook: Take Control of Booking a Cheap Airline Ticket; Take Control ebook educational discounts
MailBITS: DealBITS drawing for Business Card Composer; Apple recalls 1.8 million batteries; Apple settles suit with Creative; Apple issues careful Wi-Fi exploit denial; Google unhappy with being verbed
Secure file transfers using Civil Netizen & Pando
MailBITS: MacBook & MacBook Pro updates available; Logic Pro 7.2.2 & Logic Express 7.2.2 updates; Apple Boot Camp beta updated; Dell recalls 4.1 million batteries; Previously commercial Mulberry IMAP client released as freeware; the decline of WWDC?; DealBITS winner
More thoughts on collaborative editing; A Leopard wish list
MailBITS: iPod nano skips after update; VBA discontinued; Apple Design Award winners; DealBITS drawing: lynda.com’s Online Training Library
Intel-based Mac Pro & Xserve announced; Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard preview at WWDC
MailBITS: First issue served by new TidBITS system; Security Update 2006-004; running Windows on a Mac; Wireless driver hack; TypeIt4Me; AOL drops fees, offers 5 GB free storage
Getting Things Done, Part II; AppleCare provides bootable TechTool CD; Rogue Amoeba hijacks phone calls more easily
MailBITS: Apple announces wireless Mighty Mouse; MacBook Pro underperforming batteries recalled; Mac version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 2.5; TidBITS back end changes postponed
Getting Things Done, Part I; Request to Mac developers for a collaborative editor
MailBITS: Apple Q3 results; TidBITS back end changes; Adam & Tonya MacNotables interview about book publishing; Image Tricks DealBITS winners
Adam & Tonya Engst honored in MacTech 25; Boinx’s Mouseposé 2 cursor highlighter gets slicker; Print-on-demand available for Running Windows ebook; Simple iPod/auto integration; Take Control of Backups ebook updated
MailBITS: NoteBook 2.1 adds syncing, Cornell note-taking system; DealBITS Drawing: BeLight Software’s Image Tricks
Adam Engst elevated to #3 in MDJ Power 25; new iMac replaces eMac for education; launchd phoning home to Apple & how to disable it; Style Master 4 for cascading style sheets (CSS); Google becomes a verb
MailBITS: Mark/Space sponsoring TidBITS; Opera 9 released; StickyBrain replaced with SOHO Notes; Crazy Apple Rumors site skewers week’s news
Microsoft buys iView Multimedia; Video timecode calculators; The Mystery of the Burnt Thighs
MailBITS: Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.7 Update; PopChar X 3.0 improves usability; iTunes, iPod firmware, and QuickTime updated; PDFpen 2.4 adds comment support
QuickerTek extends laptop range; The mystery of the recalcitrant Photoshop files; Unintelligible garbage is your friend
MailBITS: Interarchy 8.1 adds Amazon S3 support; iPhoto 6.0.4 adds new themes; Universal Shake 4.1 drops in price; FlickrExport 2.0 enables easy iPhoto Uploading; Apple updates Aperture, Pro applications frameworks; Web Crossing Neighbors creates private social networks
iWeb 1.1 and the competition, revisited (iWeb shortcomings, more competitors); OmniDazzle aids presentation highlighting; Parallels Desktop review
MailBITS: Fetch 5.1 adds Tiger features, goes universal; Microsoft releases Office 2004 update: patches security holes, fixes bugs
iWeb vs RapidWeaver and SandVox; Jeff Carlson’s lessons learned while photographing South Africa
MailBITS: MacTech 25 Most Influential survey; Bare Bones’ Yojimbo 1.2 PIM improves import, export, and linking; Adam & Tonya discuss working together on MacNotables podcast; DealBITS TextExpander winners
GoLive, FreeHand survive rumours of demise; J.D. Lasica’s Darknet: people in the copyright wars; FileMaker Mobile 8 and the future of PDAs
MailBITS: QuickTime 7.1.1 released; DealBITS drawing for Smile on my Mac’s TextExpander
The Nike+iPod Sport Kit; Sudden motion sensor hacks; DEVONagent 2.0 upgrade a mixed bag; Avoid the most common Mac OS X font mistake
MailBITS: Appeals Court sides with Mac news sites over Apple; iWeb 1.1.1 improves comments, searching, publishing; Oral folk tales of Mac history
Apple releases MacBook and updates MacBook Pros; Creative hits Apple with iPod patent suit; Final Cut Express HD 3.5 goes universal; Apple reminds us of trusting, verifying; New Take Control books on font management released
MailBITS: Release Candidate of Parallels Desktop; DoorStop X Security Suite DealBITS drawing winners
The debate over “Net Neutrality”; Garmin StreetPilot 2720 for car navigation
MailBITS: 4 iLife apps updated; Security Update 2006-003; QuickTime 7.1; Front Row 1.2.2; NetNewsWire 2.1; iTunes Store adds 16 tv shows including ones from Fox
Apple wins trademark dispute with Beatles; CFP 2006: Life, Liberty and Digital Rights
MailBITS: Apple updates Aperture, Logic Pro; Akumen announces FireWire 800 ExpressCard for MacBook Pro; Two corrections to TidBITS 827
17-inch MacBook Pro introduced (note: SuperDrive speed is actually 8x); Apple to “Take Back” Macs for recycling; Adobe confirms future universal-binary Acrobat, Creative Suite; Tools We Use: Backdrop (note: small correction in next issue to correct key combination cited); ExpressCard on the horizon; Windows XP licensing for Apple’s Boot Camp
MailBITS: Apple posts $410 million 2006Q2 profit; Apple updates GarageBand, iWork; and keyboard & mouse drivers (for first Intel-based Macs); LaunchBar 4.1 adds scripts and dictionary lookups
Draw mindmaps with NovaMind; A bad week for hardware; Windows tips & tricks for Mac users
MailBITS: TidBITS 16th anniversary vacation; Aperture 1.1 gains Intel support, improvements; Apple Remote Desktop 3 released
Pkg-peeking Pacifist 2.0; Apple Boot Camp lets Intel-based Macs run Windows; WinOnMac Smackdown: dual-boot versus virtualization
MailBITS: Macworld magazine on Apple's 30th anniversary
iPod update offers maximum volume setting; Comparing business card design software; Wanted: better document collaboration system; “Macworld Digital Photography Superguide” released
MailBITS: Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.6 update; Listen in as Apple turns 30; Interarchy 8 adds WebDAV, widgets, and Bonjour; Universal Final Cut Studio now shipping; DealBITS Disc Cover winners
Apple converts Xserves from PowerPC to AMD; FrankenClassic lives!; FedEx, UPS add vehicle jingles; Retro fashion for the Mac mini; Take Control of Your Daily Life; Uncovering the AJRP
MailBITS: TidBITS predelivery service; Joe Kissell leaving TidBITS; Announcing TidBITS video podcast
#813 - #822
These versions are being converted as time permits. Please let me know if you need a particular issue.
Macworld Expo SF: exuding confidence; Intel-based iMac & MacBook Pro ship; iLife ’06 & iWork ’06 released; Macworld Expo superlatives
MailBITS: Mac OS X 10.4.4, iTunes 6.0.2, QuickTime 7.0.4 released; Public beta of Adobe Lightroom; Skype 1.4; Pro video apps now only available in Final Cut Studio
Microsoft Internet Explorer retired; iQue Palm-based GPS navigator
MailBITS: AirPort Base Station firmware update; History Hound 1.9 indexes and searches RSS; trade old CDs for an iPod; Midnight Mansion DealBITS winners

  Issues for:   1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006

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